Episode 20 - Bread Panic

The Old Country. Long ago. The crops are all dying and no wheat means no bread. No bread means all … dead. The local cult is sure they have the answer when a snake-oil salesman rolls into town with the cure. When he fails to produce results, the old gods are contacted and suddenly John Barleycorn is very much not dead. Don’t panic!

Cast: Rik Mayall, Dylan Moran, John Hurt

Now Showing: Hail Santa!

Now Showing: Hail Santa!

For our December screening, we’re rolling out a trio of Christmas specials that never should have been made but are so bizarre, so strange and so tone-deaf that we kind love them. Learn about the barn yard animal that saved Jesus’ life, the time Rudolph the Timelord defended reality itself from an immortal Vulture, and how four mutants in Manhattan spend the holidays.

Episode 16 - Build-A-Husband

Episode 16 - Build-A-Husband

In the future, everything is taken care of: there is no war, no poverty and no need … beyond the need for love! With all of civilization is built on romance, what’s an unlucky in love radio advice host to do? There’ll be no more more striking out when she decides to Build-A-Husband!

Cast: Jennifer Grey, George Clooney, Rob Schneider, Bronson Pinchot

Episode 15 - New Hegemon: A Grand Ape Order

Episode 15 - New Hegemon: A Grand Ape Order

Danny Edwards, co-host of the excellent Notice Me Senpai! podcast joins us to tell a tale of apes, evolution and a property legally distinct from Planet of the Apes. Can Rilko save the kingdom? Will Umu be avenged? Will the evil Cult of Rozr reing supreme. And when will get these f***ing action figures??? It’s NEW HEGEMON: A GRAND APE ORDER!

A note on quality: we took a chance and recorded this around a table which was not ideal. Sorry for the harsh audio quality and the annoying typing noises. We’ll try harder.

Cast: Ivana Baquero, Rose Leslie, Dax Shepard, Edward James Olmos, James Earl Jones, Paul Giamatti

Episode 14 - The Rustiest Gun in the Lower Tucson Metro

Hardboiled gumshoe Gary Langhorn is on the case of a missing girl, and all signs point to acid-dropping teens. But when a legendary monster is revealed to be the killer, it’s up to Langhorn to hunt it down and kill it before it destroys his town. There’s only one problem: he’s the only one who can see it. Is there really a monster on the loose, or is Langhorn loosing his mind?

Cast: Nick Nolte, Kevin Bacon, Some Teens, A Stinky-ass Monster

Episode 10 - Bring Me Your Head

When four lawmen come to town … they fail, only to be brought back to life as Frank Steiner, the fastest, grittiest, undead-est sheriff in the Wild West. A Witch and a Reanimator conspire with the Sheriff to take out a Vampire haunting the landscape. In the end, one will rule the town while the other will lose their head.

Cast: Christoph Waltz as the Doctor, Joe Lo Truglio as the Mayor, Darrell Hammond as the Count, Sarah Paulson as Evil Annie, Milo Ventimiglia / Luke Perry / Stephen Amell / Joe Maginello as Frank Steiner.